23 MAY 2018



A limited number of tickets are available for students only* during the pre-sale, which starts on 23 April at 08:00. Get your ticket at the library of Hochschule Luzern Wirtschaft at Frankenstrasse 9, 6002 Lucerne.
*Please show your student card with the purchase of the ticket. One student equals one ticket.


The normal sale will start on 26 April at 13:00.
Up to 2 tickets per person. Get your ticket here.

Look forward to the apéro riche including wine, beer, soft drinks and delicious appetizers on the rooftop between the talks!


What is TEDxHochschuleLuzern all about? It is about experiencing new ways of thinking and embracing new, innovative and inspiring ideas. TEDxHochschuleLuzern provides a platform for creative minds to present unique ideas in order to overcome today's challenges and trigger action. Speakers share their personal stories and provide insights into their causes as well as their ideas worth spreading.

TEDxHochschuleLuzern is for anybody who is curious about the world we live in and wants to meet up with like-minded people. What are you waiting for?

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