Are you curious about the speakers’ topics and ideas? Here are some insights for anyone interested in this year’s TEDxHochschuleLuzern.

From Artificial Intelligence to the power of education in an individual’s life, our speakers offer a wide variety of topics that touch upon the theme Limitless.

On leadership, one speaker will show us that company leaders need to seek diversity to be successful. To him, it is necessary to be critical to achieve the optimal. For another speaker, the concept of sustainability needs our undivided attention. He will explain that this concept only works when solutions present benefits in ecological, social, and economic areas simultaneously.

Another speaker will reflect on his experiences and show us how it helped him build something worth striving for. As a dentist who experienced kitesurfing adventures in the arctic, this speaker believes in change that will make you grow and carry you one step further to your goals.

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Josefine Cox - Create Social Unity

Having worked in the field of different design processes, Josefine argues that human-centric design solutions demand empathy. Empathy works only if we open up our nerve endings and feel what it is like to be in another’s shoes. Music is a great trigger for doing this. In 2015 Josefine founded an online donation platform “Musik Bewegt” with the aim to help others and get the help of others. She believes that empathetic listening and observations are essential during an entire design process and applicable to all walks of life – to learn, we must listen more than we talk. When we observe, we disappear, rather than interfere. Once we understand, we can come up with ideas and solve problems.


Geza Scholtz - Kitesurfing Adventures for Dummies

After graduating from high school, Geza successfully attained a university degree in dental medicine. All the while, extreme sports have played a significant role throughout his life. Geza began kiteboarding more than a decade ago, when the sport was in its early evolution, and he has since experienced the development and the maturity of this exhilarating sport. His other passions include travel and adventure. He has explored over 50 countries, usually accompanied by his kiteboard. As an avid adventurer, he has pioneered the sport of "expedition kiteboarding", conceptualising and leading several successful expeditions in the most extreme locations on the globe. Geza believes that stepping outside one’s comfort zone is an important, and almost universal, factor in personal growth.


Rita Saleh - I Will No Longer Be Victimized

Rita Saleh came from Lebanon in 2015 to Switzerland as a masters' student. She may look like your average student, but for her, being a student and pursuing higher education gave her strength to overcome many challenges in life. Why education in particular? Well, to understand why and what education means to her, you have to know what happened and listen to her story.


Cyrill Burch – Do You Really Know What Sustainability Is?

While hitchhiking on land from Switzerland to Papua New Guinea, Cyrill Burch discovered that most of the world's resources have already been exploited. In the meantime, awareness of sustainability issues has started to change the world in a positive way. But often the term "sustainability" is misunderstood. He comes to the conclusion that only if concepts and technologies are lasting in a social, ecological and economical way, will they be accepted on a scale to actually impact the world.


Viktor Calabrò – The Freedom to Fit Work around Your Life

As the owner of an event agency, Viktor Calabrò constantly had problems finding qualified help for temporary employment. The search for personnel had to move much quicker, he thought to himself. Equipped with this idea and a degree in business IT, Viktor decided to revolutionize the labour market. With Coople (previously STAFF FINDER), Viktor established the first fully digital temporary employment platform in the world. Today, it can cover 98% of the jobs required in less than four hours. With this invention, he created the first on-demand marketplace for a flexible workforce and shaped the concept of “just-in-time personnel management”. Within just six years, his company has become one of the largest employers in Switzerland with over 120,000 registered employees. Viktor’s passion is changing the way the world works.


Bruno Aregger – Normal -> Optimal

Bruno Aregger grew up in a family business and left to start his own company at the age of 23. He received his Master’s Degree in Business Communication at the Hochschule Luzern where he now is a mentor and teacher. In his talk, he will share how his biggest failures as an entrepreneur catapulted him from the normal way to the optimal way. At the end, he will show you how to reach the optimal way yourself.


Matthias Fuhr – The Future Face of Artificial Intelligence

His passion for data, algorithms and problem-solving motivated Matthias to pursue his pleasure professionally as a data scientist. He is fascinated by the power of artificial intelligence and machine-learning. He claims that soon this technology will be an essential part of all the ordinary applications surrounding us.


Dr. Pero Mićić – The Five Questions You Must Answer About Your Future

Dr. Pero Mićić is the founder and CEO of FutureManagementGroup AG and director of the Leader's Foresight Institute. He deeply believes that our biochemically caused short-termism is our worst deficiency and the reason for innumerable problems. Our brain is made for the here and now. We mess up our future every day!
To escape the short-term trap you first need to have an emotional connection to your future self. Pero wants you to "Have a Bright Future" because then people are happier, healthier and make better decisions. Pero shares a simple thinktool he developed through strategy-work with thousands of people and hundreds of teams: "The Eltville Model" with "The Five Futures Glasses".
He introduces you to the five essential questions about your future and helps you to find answers that really reflect who your "Now Me" is and who your "Future Me" shall be.