Are you curious about the speakers’ topics and ideas? Here are some insights for anyone interested in this year’s TEDxHochschuleLuzern.

From Artificial Intelligence to the power of education in an individual’s life, our speakers offer a wide variety of topics that touch upon the theme Limitless.

On leadership, one speaker will show us that company leaders need to seek diversity to be successful. To him, it is necessary to be critical to achieve the optimal. For another speaker, the concept of sustainability needs our undivided attention. He will explain that this concept only works when solutions present benefits in ecological, social, and economic areas simultaneously.

Another speaker will reflect on his experiences and show us how it helped him build something worth striving for. As a dentist who experienced kitesurfing adventures in the arctic, this speaker believes in change that will make you grow and carry you one step further to your goals.

Find out who is speaking at the TEDxHochschuleLuzern 2017 here!